Christian Leader: Islam Is More Protected In US Than Christianity

Islam is a more protected religion than Christianity, contends Dr. Jerry A. Johnson, the president and CEO of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB).  He is taking seriously the fight against the government’s encroachment on religious First Amendment freedoms, as well as, the bias found in corporate America against Christianity.

In a Daily Caller interview, Johnson strongly stated his position, giving evidence that there is indeed an anti-Christian bias and a pro-Islam leaning in the current White House.

Hospitals and charities — often begun as Christian charities — must now perform abortions despite their moral foundations. He even fears the Department of Education may use its accreditation leverage to mandate towing the line on same-sex marriage or Islam-friendly policies.

“[You] haven’t heard the president or the State Department condemn the brutal killings of Christians in the Middle East. If some little Muslim group gets pushed around overseas, we hear about that immediately,” Johnson says.

The current government has been the lap dog of many left-leaning and Christian hating organizations, bent on changing the tradition and foundation of America.  Those who speak out against the change, Christian organizations specifically, are targeted as hateful bigots.

“So, Christians in America feel like, number one, their government is not representing them as Christians. On the other side, here within the United States we feel like the government is saying ‘Whatever you do, don’t attack Islam or Muslims.’ We don’t hear them saying, you know, ‘Anytime a Muslim kills some Christians, whatever you do, don’t attack the Christians; don’t attack the Jews.’ The Judeo-Christian culture feels that the U.S. government is not looking out for their best interests. Judeo-Christian people don’t feel like the government really cares about them.”

Johnson intends to stand up for the Christians in America and has a list of those who  the fight is against.

Those on Johnson’s “bad guys list” are secularists, misguided statists, mainstream media and those centrist and establishment politicians who call for the government to “work.” Also on Johnson’s negative list are “deceivers” who he says “do not believe in the First Amendment,” like the American Civil Liberties Union, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, and the Counsel for American-Islamic Relations.

Source:  The Daily Caller




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