Christian Charities Make Millions Off Resettling Muslim Refugees

As if funneling millions of taxpayers' dollars to special interests wasn't bad enough, our national security is put at risk by the lax measures taken to ensure the refugees being resettled aren't becoming involved in extremist activities.

Although the mainstream media has made much hay over the refugee crisis, few have mentioned the very real security concerns voiced not only by commentators but by security and law enforcement officials as well. Perhaps this negligence on the part of the media is due to the fact that groups like these Christian “non-profits” actually benefit from the presence of these migrants. As Leahy writes on Breitbart:

“The irony is that these leading private Christian charitable organizations which were organized to serve their local communities have now really lost much of their original purpose and have become agents and supporters of the Federal government bureaucracy’s efforts many see as an attempt to Islamicize America.

They are now no longer agents of private charity, but a new version of federal government ‘Beltway Bandits.'

That they are now no longer private Christian charities but instead well paid subcontractors of the federal governnment who want to keep the national security threatening Refugee Resettlement that pays them going is demonstrated by how heavily they rely on federal funding.

Catholic Charities has grown into a huge $3.8 billion operation with more than 65,000 employees. Half of its funding–$2 billion–comes from the Federal Government, through the Office of Faith Based Initiatives. A portion that funding… estimated at in excess of $70 million, is part of the more than $1 billion the Federal Government Spends on the Refugee Resettlement program

As Refugee Resettlement Watch reported recently after examining FY 2012 annual reports of these five Christian non-profits, they would all be hurt severely if the $1 billion refugee resettlement gravy train ended for them:

98 percent ($69 million) of Catholic Charities $70 million refugee resettlement budget comes from the federal government.

60 percent ($45 million) of Church World Service’s entire $76 million budget comes from the federal government.

97 percent ($42 million) of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service’s $43 million budget comes from the federal government.

68 percent ($38 million) of World Relief’s $56 million budget comes from the federal government.”

Source: Breitbart



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