Chris Matthews: ‘Crazy’ Evangelicals Don’t Understand Situation in Israel

The Left is in a tizzy right now over the fact that the first US president in 68 years since the creation of the Jewish state of Israel has finally, mercifully, and wisely kept his promise to our most important ally in the Middle East and named Jerusalem, not Tel Aviv, as the true capital of Israel.  While Trump stopped just short of declaring it the “undivided” capital, this is splitting political hairs.  The fact that he is now committing the United States to building its embassy in Jerusalem is nothing short of historically significant, much more so than, say, the fall of the Berlin Wall, by leaps and bounds.  This is huge.

Therefore, when Leftists run maniacally out into the streets screaming hysterically about a “Day of Rage!!” (referring to the declaration by Hamas leadership of the Palestinians that they will be expressing their “dissatisfaction” with President Trump and the US publicly for the greatest amount of Fake News Industrial Complex television exposure) we are to believe that they have not been anxiously sitting in front of their 19″ boob tubes, huddled in their bomb-making shelters, leaning forward and biting their fingernails in wild-eyed anticipation of this announcement, ready at a moment's notice to rush the streets and express their Allah-given rights to air grievances.  As Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro has pointed out:

“This is a brave move by the President of the United States.  And of course, the media, because they foster terrorism, they don't mind terrorism and they were fine with the Gaza war and they're rooting for Hamas, many of them, now they're turning on Trump and saying, ‘Well, it's because of this there will be violence in the Middle East.'  [sarcastically]  You're right, the terrorist group Hamas…which is a terrorist group…they're really angry only over Jerusalem.  They declared three days of rage…I love this…the media, ‘Oh, my God!  Days of Rage from the Palestinians!  Days of Rage!  Man, they wouldn't be enraged except for Trump!'  This is the fourth time the Palestinians…fourth…have declared a Day of Rage in the last eight months.  Okay, since April they've declared four days of rage.  The Palestinian leadership is constantly pushing a Day of Rage.”

The above remarks start at the 1:23 mark:

Chris Matthews, sheltered in many ways from real America by the Swamp mentality and who has dared to brave the American countryside only once in the past decade because he really had to try a taste of maple syrup from the “wilds of Vermont,” was invited to depart his Trump bunker and visit the set of MSNBC's Morning Joe because Mika promised him that there were no Jewish protesters anywhere near their studios, decided that he was safe enough to speak his mind about the “crazy Evangelicals” who live in Alabama (yes, the state of) to tie Roy Moore and Donald Trump to the fact that Christians in America cheered the Jerusalem announcement.

The problem with Chris Matthews (incidentally who was flanked by George Will, rabid anti-Trump Leftist lapdog…presumably for immoral support) is that he relates his short stint living in Jerusalem as the final word on how Jews, Christians, Muslims and Armenians live and work in the capital.  He talks about a dynamic there where they all have this delicate balance of their faiths as they interact in ways that we as dumb, ignorant nationalist Americans cannot fathom in our damaged Evangelical minds.

Yet, Matthews is talking from the point-of-view of a Progressive who only deigned to live among the unwashed masses of Jerusalem because he happened to hole up in a very Liberal section of the capital city.  As many Conservative news outlets are reporting, orthodox Jews, as well as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself, all have celebrated this announcement by the president.

Matthews may have a lot of Leftist friends, but not a one of them considers Hamas a terror organization.  That should be your first clue about this guy and the people who he regards as his friends and those who he sees as having authority over opinion of Jewish politics.


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