Chris Matthews: Communists Were Right

Chris Matthews: Communists Were Right

Socialist propaganda within mainstream media is in full-frontal view in Chris Matthew’s latest commentary as he tells us how ‘the communists were right’:

“No, it reminds me of what the Communists used to say about us in the old days, that behind the pretense of democracy and free elections was the power of the Rockefellers pulling the strings, working the puppets, getting everything the way they wanted it.”

Sure, corporations and banksters own our politicians and this country and are certainly ‘pulling strings’, but what socialists would tell you is that because of this we need a ‘strong-handed government’ to get in there and ‘equalize’ everything.

This is like trying to cure a disease by giving you a more horrendous one.

History has shown that economies prosper the most with a very strong, vibrant middle class, which is exactly what socialism does away with in stripping everyone of the the fruits of their labor in an effort to ‘spread the wealth’.

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