Military ‘Invites’ Chinese Troops to Train on American Soil

If you were to look at some of the reactions to the invitation of the Chinese troops, you would think that they were God's gift to the Earth and not the foot soldiers for a totalitarian regime that they are. We are told that their participation in these “harmless” exercises is nothing more than an opportunity to become chummy with them. As Tim Brown writes in Freedom Outpost:

“I think we build trust between the two countries. I think we reduce the potential for misunderstanding,' Dorman added.

‘Despite our differences with China, we can still work together and come together to work on common challenges, such as natural disasters and humanitarian crises,' said Lt. Col. Jason Shelton.

Robert Brown and Jason Adler agree that there are is values to the exercises, even when engaging them with potential foes.

‘They prevent conflict by demonstrating the capabilities of the U.S. military as a reliable partner engaged and focused on creating a stable security environment.'

It should be noted that China is also Washington State's largest export market.

I don't know about you, but the concept of training foreign soldiers on American soil does not sit well with me, and never has. I get what some of these people are attempting to do, but I question paling around with China, Saudi Arabia and other troops in the manner that has been done for years. I question what else these soldiers pick up on from our own troops in how we do certain things and learn potential weaknesses inside the united States.”

Hear, hear Tim!

Source: Freedom Outpost




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