Chinese And Middle Easterners Paying $50,000 To Cross Mexican Border

Chinese And Middle Easterners Paying $50,000 To Cross Mexican Border

According to producer/director Dennis Michael Lynch who created “They Come to America” and “They Come to America II”, Chinese and Middle Easterners are paying upwards of $50,000 to gang members to cross the Mexican border along with the illegals.

These ‘deliveries' of ‘those of special interest' are easily crossing our border – sometimes in trucks running and sometimes in planes that land to simply drop them off – all according to Obama's plan to level the United States in accordance with other countries.

If you have ever wondered why terrorists haven't attacked our country with thousands of small attacks in malls, power plants, etc, which would be much more terrifying than periodic large scale attacks, it may have been due to the numbers inside our country.


We are witnessing terrorists come into our country by the hundreds or thousands quite easily.

“You will absolutely see terror attacks. They may not come in the form of airplanes crashing into buildings, but they’re going to come in different ways: water treatment plants, electrical grids. You name it, it is there for the possibility of taking,” Lynch states.

According to Lynch, this crisis is exactly what Obama wanted to happen.

“He is enjoying what he is seeing down at the border,” he said. “That is why he’s trying to work now with the U.N. to try to get war refugee status for these children. That’s why he’s sending them across the country and just releasing them. This is not about reform. That’s all rhetoric. This is about fundamentally transforming the country.”

Lynch even alleges that this is the biggest legacy of this administration, topping even the massive overhaul of the nation’s health-care system.

“Everybody always thought that Obamacare was his baby, that Obamacare was going to be his legacy and how he wanted to transform the country. I say no. That is just a really heavy insurance policy that the next president could repeal, or alter, or change or lessen the damage on businesses,” he said. “When you turn around and let this many people into the country, when you give amnesty or give an executive order that says they can work and stay in the U.S., you can’t repeal people. You can’t deport 20, 30, 40 million people with a pen. This is what transforms a country. This is what Obama wants.”

In addition to asserting Obama wants to make the illegal immigrants citizens and have them vote for the Democratic Party for generations through an endless flow of federal benefits, Lynch said this is about moving America closer to the poorer nations of the world.

“I think he does want to put the United States of America on an equal playing field with the rest of the world. I think he’s doing that, because the more people we take in from the Third World, all it does is weaken every part of our country. It weakens our health-care system, our schools, our finances, you name it. It increases the welfare state,” said Lynch, who elaborated on the immediate impact on our schools.

“From a health and school perspective, I don’t think America is really going to understand what is taking place down on the southern border, not only now but over the past six, eight, nine months to a year. When school starts again in September, people are going to be amazed by how many kids are coming in who do not speak English. I mean the schools are going to get flooded,” Lynch said.

Based on his conversations with Border Patrol officials, Lynch described how this new border crisis was carefully orchestrated.

“When you speak to Border Patrol agents like I do, you hear from the Border Patrol agents that they are beside themselves due to the fact they cannot enforce the law,” said Lynch, noting the federal government announced new orders in January not to turn anyone away.

“They were told by the station head, ‘Going forward, we are not going to capture and deport. We are going to capture and release,” he said.

“That’s when the whole thing started with them taking in families, doing a quick look over, which really is just ridiculous, and then taking them to a bus station so they could go to somewhere in the USA,” he said.

That same month is when the Department of Homeland Security is known to have sent out requests for information on the cost and feasibility of escorting newly arrived illegals to various locations around the country.


Photo: The Catholic Sun Newspaper

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