China: WWIII Could Be Triggered ‘At Any Time’

Joe Biden claims that he and Chinese President Xi Jinping on September 9th agreed to abide by the Taiwan agreement as tensions continue to escalate between Taipei and Beijing.

‘I've spoken with Xi about Taiwan. We agree…we'll abide by the Taiwan agreement,' Biden told reporters.

Yet incursions by Chinese warplanes into Taiwanese airspace continue to ratchet up while China warns that World War Three could happen “at any time.”

An article in the state-backed Global Times newspaper on Tuesday said that ‘collusion' between the US and Taiwan was so ‘audacious' that the situation ‘has almost lost any room for manoeuvre, teetering on the edge of a face-off.'

It claimed that the people of China were ready to back all-out war with the US, warning the island nation against ‘playing with fire'.

President Xi Jinping has described the seizure of the self-governed democracy as ‘inevitable' and Beijing has ratcheted up pressure on Tsai since she was elected in 2016 on a mandate of an ‘independent' Taiwan.

In another chilling piece of propaganda on Monday, The Global Times ran a piece which asked ‘whether Australia is willing to accompany Taiwan… to become cannon fodder' after its foreign minister reached out for help preparing his defences.

Australia has been on the receiving end of Chinese wrath over the last few weeks after it signed a new alliance with the UK and the US.

As part of the deal, Washington and London agreed to share nuclear submarine technology with Canberra.

Beijing is incensed by the move because it will dramatically shift the power balance in the South China Sea, where it fights for influence with the West over smaller countries like Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Unfortunately, both China and the United States have a strong incentive to initiate global warfare. Historically, when economies fail countries go to war.

China’s economy is in a free-fall as the property developer debt bomb is imploding.

China’s property developer debt bomb is imploding, with now two additional property developers (beyond Evergrande) failing to make bond payments. As CNBC reports, Fantasia Holdings has missed a $206 million bond payment and its shares have halted trading. This is the third property developer to start imploding in China, and there’s almost certainly much more yet to come.

China can’t currently keep its own power grid functioning, either, leading to a shut down of significant manufacturing capacity. The U.S., meanwhile, can’t keep its own bloated government running without printing trillions of dollars each month. It’s as if both nations are run by financial arsonists who are in a competition to see who can burn down their own country first.

Inflation in the U.S. is being labeled ‘transitory' with resolve coming as global supply lines straighten out. However, the entire system is in danger of collapsing. In an open letter Wednesday to heads of state attending the United Nations General Assembly, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and other industry groups warned of a “global transport system collapse” due to workers who are about to walk off the job coupled with a shortage of cargo containers.

But the U.S. economy isn't the only incentive Biden has for going to war: China Joe has an authoritarian agenda to carry out. Wars allow governments to declare emergencies and seize power while stifling dissent due to the threat at hand.

President Xi pulls Biden's strings along with an untold number of other politicians, leaders in the Pentagon and other officials inside and outside of the Beltway. If Xi wants war, he will have it, and he might be in control of both sides of the chessboard.

Source: DailyMail, Natural News



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