Why Did China Produce A Video Where They Attack America?

The all too real 3D video of China attacking the United States certainly makes one take notice.  The translated Chinese description under the video says:

The country is great, militant certainly fail; the world is safe though, forget the war will be dangerous! We love peace, but we must be ready to face a possible future war.

China certainly has been working overtime strutting it’s military power.  The parade in Tiananmen Square clearly was a show of might.  One source stated:

 The military parade demonstrated that armed with non-nuclear warheads, ballistic and cruise missiles China now has the ability to attack a heavily defended enemy from a considerable distance, degrading the enemy’s fighting ability before an invasion, neutralizing enemy air strength by knocking out airfields and even striking at naval vessels at sea.

The video was first found by Council on Foreign Relations, Red Rock Tribune reports.

It wasn’t the PLA Navy attacking a generic foreign navy, and a generic foreign base either. China’s enemy, in this example, very clearly resembled the United States, after a Chinese base suffered a first strike of its own.

The final quote in the video says:

China is strong, victorious wars require deaths; for all to be strong and safe, [we] face the risks and dangers of war. We wholeheartedly love peace, but must be prepared for the likelihood of war. We respectfully and solemnly commemorate the 70th anniversary of the war against Japan.



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