China Calls for Global Governance

China's Xi-Jinping is demanding a change to the current world order so that China can continue to grow. He claims that the only way this is possible is for international organizations to reform. The many roads this could lead the world down are quite frightening, especially considering China's love of communism.

Chinese state news agency Xinhua reported Xi described reform as “an irresistible trend,” and that reform at the global level is about “laying down rules for the international order and international mechanisms” as well as “deciding in which direction the world will head.”

What could possibly go wrong with that?

As one example, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund need to reform to fully reflect the needs and interests of emerging markets, Xi said. He means his own of course.

China doesn’t have a free market and they will one day hit a wall. They need to steal from other’s success to continue growing.

Xi also called for establishing new mechanisms and rules for international economic and financial cooperation and regional cooperation, and reforming “unjust and improper arrangements in the global governance system.”

He also advocated democratic and law-based rules to guide global governance so that the global governance system represents the will and interests of a majority of countries in a more balanced manner.

The international community also needs capacity building to cope with global challenges in sectors ranging from energy, food, the Internet and information security, global climate change, terrorism and epidemic control, Xi added.

The United States is already on the path to ruin. Negotiating with communist China is sure to get us there sooner. To show you what Xi thinks of freedom, he recently called for censorship of content and behavior on the Internet. While this is a scary thought, there are some members of the political elite who love the idea of world order and global governance – the Marxists seem to be winning.





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