Chicago Students Forced To Adopt Transgender Pronouns

Chicago Students Forced To Adopt Transgender Pronouns

The United States is losing its mind and the liberal states are the first to go!  This transgender-hysteria that has possessed the progressive autocrats in Chicago is now threatening children if they use the wrong pronoun or name when referring to a transgender students or employees.

If a child misspeaks and calls a transgender student the wrong pronoun, there will be consequences to pay, according to a new set of guidelines.

Transgender employees and students in the Chicago school districts are able to pick which locker room, bathroom, and the name they prefer, forcing everyone else, under penalty of punishment to “affirm the individual's new identity”.

A whole new language must be adopted for transgenders, where new pronouns are made up to represent them, yet according to Johns Hopkins University, these individuals are suffering from a mental disorder.  It seems that  getting them treatment, and not a new pronoun and new body parts, would be in their best interest.

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