Chicago Gun Control Reaps Weekend Harvest

Chicago Gun Control Reaps Weekend Harvest

Last weekend in Chicago was a bloody one. According to reports, between Friday evening and Monday morning, fifty-two people were shot, nine of whom died.

Wait a second . . .

Chicago has some of the strictest gun control in the nation, right? So there shouldn't be this many gun-related deaths. At least that's how things should be according to liberal logic. With an “assault weapons” ban, a “violence tax” and state-imposed waiting periods on guns and strict regulations on the stores that sell them, Chicago should be the safest city in the country.


What was it that Dianne Feinstein said? Something about how turning in your weapons and banning guns will keep criminals from committing crimes involving guns. With four months still left in the year, and the homicide rate already past ninety percent of what it was last year, gun control clearly isn't working.

The Tribune reported on the gun deaths in the city. See what they had to say over on the next page.

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