Cher: I Will Be Harboring DACA Fugitives

Cher: I Will Be Harboring DACA Fugitives

Pop icon Cher wants to hide a bunch of DACA participants less than an hour from this writer’s home, and she wants me, you and the rest of America to do the same.

As nice as it was for Cher to offer to break the law, seems she forget to add her address. Where is the tweet sending out her address? How are all the DACA participants and other illegals going to know where to find her home? Follow the North Star? Perhaps we should just post it for her.

Now, I really can’t just give you the address to Cher’s northern home – the one she is supposedly offering up as a safe haven to illegals. That would be illegal as well. But, go down to the comments if you’ve been looking for a great resource to share with illegals. I’m sure some good hearted “anonymous” Samaritan will some be sharing that information.

So, while we wait let’s clear up a few things. You see I’m a little confused here, I’m pretty sure I’ve been hearing liberals wax eloquent for months about the “great country of Mexico” and the injustice of forcing such a noble people to fund a border wall. If Mexico is so great why is it a supposed human rights crises that they have to go back? Now that DACA participants got dragged into this anti-Trump hysteria battle, Mexico is the crime ridden developing country that it is again?

Besides wouldn’t it be racist of Americans to keep these “finest and best’ DACA participants in the U.S. instead of returning them to help their own countries? It is so hard to understand liberal politically correct polices!

But, on a far more important note that literally hits close to home for me, is Cher actually going to harbor DACA fugitives? The answer to that and Cher’s own tweets addressing these claims all on the next page.

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