Chelsea Clinton: With Scalia Gone we can Implement “Sensible” Gun Control

Chelsea claims that Supreme Court rulings on the 2nd Amendment have been “inconsistent,” which simply means that they were not as draconian as liberals would have them be. They use words like “smart, sensible, and enforceable,” with an emphasis on enforceable since the Democrat aim will be to use force to take your weapons from you. This is important because as liberals take away other rights of free citizens, it becomes more and more important to disarm the population. Their words are soothing, but make no mistake, the objective is to take your guns.

Chelsea uses all the tricks, including a pitch about her concern as a mother and for the families of the Sandy Hook victims. One of the first actions a Clinton presidency will include is packing the Supreme Court with trusted liberals, and then rounding up all the weapons held by law-abiding citizens, along with the arrest and detention of those who will not comply. Anyone who votes for Clinton should recognize that this will be part of what they are asking for. Watch the video.




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