Chelsea Clinton Reveals That Hillary Plans To Give Illegals Obamacare

The apple does not fall far from the Hillary Clinton tree, as Chelsea is stumping for her mom, selling the idea that not matter what one’s citizenship status, whether one is a law breaker, here illegally, that person deserves to have access to Obamacare.

Chelsea responded to a question about giving ACA benefits to illegals:

“It’s such an important question. Thank you for supporting my mom. My mom has very strong feelings that we must push as quickly as possible for comprehensive immigration reform, and this is a real difference between her’s and Senator Sanders’ record, she supported comprehensive immigration reform at every possible chance and she was one of the original supporters and sponsors of the DREAM Act. She does not believe that while we are working towards comprehensive immigration reform we should make people wait, like the families you are talking about. Which is why she thinks it’s so important to extend the Affordable Care Act to people who are living and working here, regardless of immigration status, regardless of citizenship status. While we’re pushing for comprehensive immigration reform and reminding Republicans who are currently running for president that a couple of years ago they actually supported comprehensive immigration reform – something they seem to have forgotten during this election cycle – that we do whatever we can to solve challenges in the education system and the health system and elsewhere.”

Americans are struggling under their own burden created by Obamacare, with penalties going up each year for not being able to afford it and premiums keeping so many out of the so called Affordable Care mandated upon them, that adding 14 million illegals to the rolls will continue to cripple the economy and hurt the middle class.

American taxpayers pay roughly $5,000 per year for each person enrolled in Obamacare. So the addition of only 10 million current illegals to Obamacare would cost taxpayers at least $50 billion per year, or $500 billion over 10 years, partly because many migrants lack workplace skills or even the ability to speak English.

If Clinton’s open-borders policy encourages more migrants to enter the United States, American taxpayers will have to divert funding from their relatives — retirees, children, unemployed and disabled — to pay for the healthcare of many more millions of foreign people who choose to break the nation’s popular immigration laws.

At least 150 million more foreigners would like to migrate to the United States, according a 2012 survey by Gallup. If one-seventh of the 150 million migrants arrive in the United States, the 10-year bill would rise to $1.5 trillion.

The Heritage Foundation made a prediction, in 2012, that amnesty for 11 million illegals would cost the taxpayer $6 trillion over a half century, this includes the cost of healthcare.  Add to this, in a Gallup survey taken in the same year, at least 150 million more foreigners desire to migrate to the United states.  Even if 1/7th of that 150 million were to arrive here, the 10-year cost would rise to $1.5 trillion.

But socialists like Hillary and Bernie love spending other people’s money without respect for their ability to actually pay.

Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)  promise an end to immigration enforcement, and has pushed Trump to disavow policies that allow American companies to hire foreign workers or to import foreign taxpayer-supported foreign consumers.

For these candidates, the more the merrier, especially if one can buy their support, and eventually grant them voting rights, regardless of citizenship status.  It is a play to cushion their voting numbers by promising to not deport and give free healthcare.

In contrast to Clinton’s lax-enforcement promise, Trump is on track to win the GOP convention because of his promise to protect funding for retirees, to repatriate foreign migrants, and to reduce companies’ use of foreign workers in U.S.-based jobs.

In fact, he’s even called a one or two-year pause in legal immigration, which now annually adds one million immigrants — plus 700,000 foreign temporary guest-workers — to the workforce. That’s a huge annual influx, which reduces pay for the four million Americans who turn 18 each year and begin looking for work.

Polls show that Americans are very opposed to more immigration, as well as the use of foreign workers, instead of American workers.

Hillary’s plan resonates only with illegals and socialist.  We are freedom loving capitalists and this Clinton plan cannot be.

Source: Breitbart




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