Chelsea Clinton: My Mom Wouldn’t Sell Me to be President

While commenting on the political musings of Robby Mook, the former campaign manager for Hillary Clinton’s second failed presidential bid, Lisa Boothe on Fox News’ “The Five” commented that she thought that Clinton would even sell her own daughter in order to be president.

Take a look at this short clip:

It didn’t take long for Chelsea to jump to her mother’s defense.

Ever the staunch defender of all things Liberal, D.C.-based fake news The Hill decided that it agreed with Chelsea and made sure that America knew that Chelsea was loved, supported, cherished, and Hillary more than likely wouldn’t sell her for the presidency…probably.

Chelsea Clinton fired back at a Fox News host on Saturday who said that her mom, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, would “literally sell her daughter” to be president.

On Fox News’ “The Five,” host Lisa Boothe called Hillary Clinton “the most soulless woman on the planet.”

“[She] would literally sell her daughter to be president, literally sell her only child to be president,” she said.

Chelsea Clinton has frequently used her Twitter account in recent months to defend her mother, criticize President Trump and quash rumors that she’s running for public office.

This is all true.  From the point-of-view of Chelsea, I’m sure she believes that her mom is her protector, supporter, etc.  I mean, most kids who attended Princeton University think great things about their moms, don’t they?

One small, tiny, little thing does make me question her “soullessness” however.  Recently, Hillary shared a photo on Twitter that was…well, let’s just let you see it and you can come to the conclusions.

I’m thinking that any time someone who supports an organization (where 99% of their “reproductive services & family planning” is abortions) that is willing to sell baby parts to the highest bidder AND wears a T-shirt that says “Nasty Woman” is pretty much a “soulless” person.

Source:  The Hill



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