Chef Urges Britain Towards “Nanny State”

In the eyes of Jamie Oliver, Britain needs to be a nanny state in order to curb its obesity epidemic. The celebrity chef started a petition calling for “food education”. But what are his real motives?

Oliver urged the government to put a 20% sales tax on sugary drinks in addition to more regulation to help fight obesity, in addition to literally calling for a nanny state. According to The Guardian:

“I think a parent’s job is to say no, a parent’s job is to be nanny,” he said, adding that when he was working with the then prime minister Tony Blair on school dinners 10 years ago the obsession was “we don’t want to be nanny state”.


“No, at the right time we do have to be nanny state – we love, we take care, we nurture,” the chef said. “School Dinners was all about love and taking care. We didn’t have standards. There were standards for dog food, but not kids’ food. It’s 2015, it’s 10 years on, the story continues. It’s not over.”


An impact can be made by ensuring children eat the right foods for breakfast and lunch during term-time, he said, and it should also be easier for parents to choose decent food. “I think there should be much more legislation on marketing of rubbish, junk food, much more incentives for fruit and veg – or veg and fruit, more importantly,” the TV chef said.


“We’re the most unhealthy country in Europe,” he said. “If you’re a parent, you should feel uncomfortable that statistically your child will live a shorter life that you. You should be uncomfortable, and it should bother you.”

He is correct when it comes to the epidemic of obesity. This part of his argument especially applies to the United States, with more than one third of our population being obese. But his logic fails in how we should solve this problem.

According to Oliver and other statists like him, the government is the solution to all of our problems. This is the lazy way to solve problem. Using the force of a government to tax or bully citizens is not an effective solution to anything. The state shouldn't be able to make our choices for us. Citizens should be educated so that they can make healthy choices, not having the unhealthy ones forbidden.

Do you think it's the government's job to make our decisions for us or should we be responsible for ourselves instead?

Source: The Guardian




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