‘Cheers’ Star Ratzenberger: Trump is Making Sure the ‘Adults are Back in Charge’

Back in May, Ratzenberger told Fox’s Neil Cavuto that he supporters Trump because he’s a builder. Much like President Obama, if Hillary were to be elected, she would have been a taker. She would have taken so much that America would have crashed and burned.

“It’s nice that adults are back in charge,” the former “Cheers” star stated. “‘OK, kids, give us the keys to the car. You’ve done enough damage. Now we will take over.’”

Ratzenberger has been a vocal Trump supporter since early 2016.

While there are a lot of fears by people that Trump is just selecting business men and women to fill the spots in his administration, it’s difficult to say whether or not it’s a bad idea because nobody’s done it yet. It’s about time Trump was given a chance, and all of the complaining left-wing voters who lost, closed their mouths for a bit.

Source: dailycaller.com


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