Charles Schumer: Gov’t must control Autistic kids

Charles Schumer: Gov’t must control Autistic kids

Despite the availability of private services to allow parents to track autistic kids, Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) wants the DOJ to take control – and to absorb the expense. Why does government always feel this need to control citizens and compete with private industry? Government has an absolutely terrible track record of managing public funds, of using small, special-interest programs as an excuse to jack up taxes, and of interfering in private medical matters.

Naturally, a government-funded system would require a federal database and we all know how secure that will be.

AT&T will now sell Amber Alert GPS for kids. The settings are determined by the parents and cost $199. They can get the device for free if they sign a three-year service agreement.

There are many links at the Autism Speaks website for safety products. One private company is Care Trak Systems. They are cost effective and as low as $3.29 per person but offer their service for free to seniors and families on fixed incomes.

Source: Breitbart


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