Chaos in Hungary

The pictures speak a thousand words and can be seen at Breitbart. To recap what occurred, at 3 o'clock today, tensions on the Hungary boarder came to a tipping point, where 1500 immigrants demonstrated angrily, attempting to force their way through the razor wire.

Police using water cannons and tear gas to control the hysterical brick throwing crowds, made up mostly of angry men, struggled to gain peace.

Hungarian police have fired tear gas as hundreds of migrants broke through the new razor wire fence along the Serbian border.

Some 1,500 migrants who want travel through Hungary are now blocked by the fence, with tensions boiling over around 3pm local time this afternoon. Police used tear gas and water cannon as the migrants threw bricks and rocks at them.

One of the captions of a photos says:

What used to be a functioning border crossing is now a sealed off war zone

Other captions says:

They’re not all Syrian “refugees”…

Migrants hold up a sign spelling out the name of the architect of this mess: German Chancellor Angela Merkel


Source:  Breitbart




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