Celebs Dislike Trump…But Not These 13!

Celebs Dislike Trump…But Not These 13!

Sylvester Stallone and Hulk Hogan

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The Democrats like to foster resentment and even hatred for President Trump among media and sports celebrities. It's super-common to see Tweets and hear sound bites from Hollywood sheep as they lose their minds about Trump. In fact, it's easy to get the impression the entertainment industry is peopled entirely by crazy socialist parrots. The public sometimes forgets that's the world where Trump made millions of dollars and thousands of contacts.

This list of 13 sports and entertainment stars who have spoken out in support of Trump is a good reminder that the President has loyal supporters in every region of the country, in every business. They may not be screeching about imaginary problems, but they have the President's back and some of the celebrities on this list are surprising!

Donald Trump built his reputation for negotiation first in real estate, but then for many years in the entertainment industry and heĀ  has plenty of contacts from his days working with Hollywood. That's part of where Trump developed his incredible media savvy that helped him beat his political opponents and win the election.

Remember: Just like in other areas, in other walks of life, this list of 13 celebrity Trump supporters is just the tip of the iceberg.

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