Celebrity Rapper: The Left Will “Progress Us Into Slavery”

Celebrity Rapper: The Left Will “Progress Us Into Slavery”

Whether you like rap music or not, you are going to like what one black rapper has to say about gun control.

The progressive left would like everyone to believe that all blacks support a particular set of agendas. When one or more blacks deviate from those agendas, they are often vilified as having betrayed others of their race. This, as though thinking for yourself is not to be permitted by minorities. Liberals want to give minorities their marching orders, and they are supposed to fall in line — for their own good, of course.

The Bill of Rights provides guarantees that the government will not infringe on the rights of all Americans. Unfortunately, it took this country far too many years to bring those guarantees to all Americans, regardless of their race.  But that's now a done deal. And those who were late in receiving those guarantees should be especially mindful of their importance.

Let's watch as one member of a minority group breaks the liberal mold and speaks for himself. More on page two.



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