CDC’s Proposed Rule: Get Vaccinated or Go to Jail

We'd like to believe that in a time of increased government encroachment into every area of our lives, that we still have some basic freedoms left.  One of those would be the freedom to make decisions concerning our own bodies, of the right to make decisions affecting our health. Unfortunately, that's not the way the U.S. Centers for Disease Control sees it.

Here's a look at a recent proposal for rule-making:

The agency recently announced a new invasive plan for the “control of communicable diseases,” by detaining people suspected of being ill and then forcibly medicating them against their will.

The CDC's new proposal, published in the Federal Register [#2016-18103], will give the agency police state powers, permitting CDC officials to detain and forcibly inject chemicals into anyone they deem a threat to public health.

Bold move, isn't it?  If you're unfamiliar with the rule-making process, federal agencies are typically required to publish their proposed rules in the Federal Register, and give the public time to comment on those rules before they go into effect. That doesn't mean they have to do what the majority of those who comment on the proposed rules say, but at least the process does acknowledge that the people still have some right to “petition their government,” even if those public comments are often ignored.

On the next page we go over the penalties for not submitting to this Orwellian mandate:

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