CDC Issues Secretive Warning to Staff: “We might as well plan on many of the kids having TB.”

CDC Issues Secretive Warning to Staff:  “We might as well plan on many of the kids having TB.”

Every government agency in Washington D.C. needs to be swept clean and the bureaucrats fired and forced to fend for themselves in the free market, where ineptitude and dishonesty are actually punished and the focus of all efforts are to serve the customers. Most federal government hacks wouldn’t last a week in free enterprise, and the boss would show them the door rather than cover for them and pile on the benefits while the customer suffers.

The need for cleansing Washington and reminding government employees that the American people are the customer and the boss applies to almost every agency you can think of. Certainly the IRS is full of dishonest and inept pirates who can screw your life up with the click of the keyboard. The yokels who work at the VA can actually cost you your life. And the Social Security Department can send you into bureaucratic and voice mail hell and make you want to yell “uncle.” These agencies are jam packed with political patronage senior managers, driven by partisan fervor and drooling for their bounteous retirement at age fifty-five while the rest of us struggle and plan our meager retirements at around age eighty.

There are a few agencies, however, that one would hope would be a bit more concerned about the health and welfare of the American citizens, but it turns out that would be yet another false hope. It seems that even this particular agency is only interested in their own well-being and pandering to special interest groups that are here illegally. It is a shame, and should be a crime, but it is simply business as usual.

See which agency is catering to illegals and ignoring the endangering U.S. citizens on page 2:

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