CBO Proposes Taxing Drivers by the Mile

The first of these suggestions is to charge drivers based on how much they drive. This is something the Obama Administration has already tried and failed at. Another suggestions calls for traffic taxes, calling it a “congestion pricing”.

CBO's presentation also said the government could get more money from drivers by charging them more when traffic is bad. Shirley calls that “congestion pricing.”

A third option, Shirley said, would be “allowing tolling on additional existing interstates.”

Shirley cast all three ideas not as higher taxes or fees, but as an attempt to “make federal highway spending more productive for the economy.”

What all of these things have in common is the installation of equipment on people's cars and trucks that would measure how far they drive, while collecting those taxes via special readers that would be installed at gas stations.

As if the average American isn't taxed enough.

If this were to pass, it wouldn't matter if you were driving a Toyota Prius or a Dodge Viper, you would be charged regardless.

Source: washingtonexaminer.com




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