Catholic Priest Banned from Social Media for Posting Academically Supported Research on Islamic History

Father John Higgins wrote a message on Dem Rep Lucille Roybal-Allard’s Facebook page on May 23rd. Facebook wasn’t happy. Father Higgins included historical facts in his message. Historical facts are incapable with the liberal PC agenda.

Here is Father Higgins offending post

Father Higgins - Truth and Action - Facebook

Facebook felt like they were left with no choice but to remove the comment and ban Father Higgins as punishment for speaking the truth.

“I wrote Facebook several times,” Fr. Higgins told ChurchPOP, “explaining that this post was just history. Of course there was no response.”

Greg Stone is a colleague of Father Higgins and works for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in conflict resolution. Stone wrote a passionate Facebook message calling out Facebook for failing to honor their pledge to stop censoring historical facts and different viewpoints.

“It is horribly ironic that the very week Islamists murder scores of innocents,” Stone’s post read in part, “—young girls at a pop concert in Manchester, Coptic Christians in Egypt, and Catholics in the Philippines—Facebook suspends the privileges of a respected clergy member for posting an academic synopsis regarding Islamic history. FB spikes the very information the community needs to understand current events.”

This is not the first time Facebook has been in hot water over their systematic censoring of conservative and historically factual viewpoints.

Last year, Facebook was accused of having systematically censored viewpoints considered to be conservative. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg denied the charges and met personally with conservative leaders to reassure them that Facebook will remain open to differing viewpoints.

Thankfully, Father Higgins was only banned for a week and is once again allowed to post.

On May 30th, his week-long suspension over, Fr. Higgins posted again on Facebook: “I’m back. That was a week? LOL”.

However, for how long? It’s trickier than one might think for sane people to consciously omit facts from their everyday conversations. But, try explaining that to the liberal snowflakes endlessly whining on about how “fake news” and “Russia” are the reasons Killary lost her bid to finally stick it to Bill and be top dog in the White House.

Source: Church Pop 



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