Carter: America Apparently Wants a Jerk for President

Jimmy Carter is in amazingly good health for someone who is 93 and who beat brain cancer. His presidency has largely been forgotten or is known only through history books for most of the population of America.

Stephen Colbert is no fan of President Trump. In fact, we can recall his making fun of the very idea that Trump might win the presidency. Then, like most all of the celebrity left, he was almost as humiliated as Hillary herself when she lost the election to Donald Trump.

Carter recently appeared on the Colbert Show and this gave both of them an opportunity to attack President Trump. Carter was painted as a very honest and good man, just the opposite of what they would like us to believe of our president. The awful economy, the Iranian hostage crisis — these things and more that were part of the Carter presidency could be pushed aside given that from a typical American’s perspective, that’s all ancient history.

Instead, things got personal with Carter, much to the delight of Colbert and his studio audience, declaring that America must have wanted “a jerk” as a president when it elected President Trump.

That Mr. Carter would have been open and honest about Hillary Clinton was conveniently not part of the show.


Source: CBS



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