Carson: We have Second Amendment in Case the Wrong People Get Into Office

From the interview:

“I’m talking about is the reason that we have a Second Amendment. This is a book about the Constitution, and the Second Amendment is part of it it’s there for the reasons that I stated in the book. In case of invasion by foreign power, the people would be able to aid the military, and also if we have a time when we have the wrong people in office, and they want to dominate the people, the people will be able to defend themselves. As Rep. Daniel Webster (R-FL) eloquently said, ‘the people of America will never suffer under tyranny because they’re armed.’”

“I didn’t say it was going on right now. I think the implication is quite clear that it is something that can happen, and I listed a number of countries where that happened. The fact of the matter is, if you go to those countries well before it happened and you asked the people if that’s going to happen in their country, they would say, no, it wouldn’t happen here.”

These liberal main stream media types hammer on conservatives over gun control.  Their tactic is to corner a conservative into saying “we need guns to stop Obama, and his government”, knowing to many this view will seem outlandish-it will be seen as treasonous, or at the least plain crazy.  Carson does well, he does not dismiss the threats of of tyrannical government, nor does he dismiss the threat of possible foreign invasion.  Persons who study history know the cycles of these themes do repeat themselves.

They happen again, as liberals sit with their jaws wide open, “this can’t be happening”.   Like living in earthquake country, that huge fault out in California called the “San Andreas” will erupt again.  It’s way over due according to seismologists.  When it goes, and it will, there will be a select portion of the population in Los Angeles who will be ill prepared-with their jaws wide open, as they slip into the Pacific Ocean.  So it goes with gun ownership.  Don’t be ill prepared, and slip into the ocean never to be heard from again.


Source: Breitbart News



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