Cars Now Turn Their Owners Into The Police

Cars Now Turn Their Owners Into The Police

As the 21st century advances, it is becoming clear that we are not simply living in George Orwell’s 1984, but we in fact have exceeded Orwell’s wildest nightmares.

Case in point is a mind-blowing incident in Florida. Cathy Bernstein was having a regular day when the police came knocking at her door, asking about her potential involvement in a hit-and-run.

But it was the source of the police’s information that made the affair incredible: apparently, her car had dialed 9/11 and tipped police off to Bernstein’s involvement in said hit-and-run.

As it turns out, Bernstein’s vehicle, a newer model from Ford, is one of 10 million vehicles put out by the company that possess what is called the “911 Alert” feature. What happens is that the car automatically calls authorities in the case of an accident, potentially saving lives but also potentially incriminating thousands.

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