Carrying the Injured: How to Perform the Fireman’s Roll

When would you ever need to know something like this, you might be wondering? You’d be surprised at how often this technique is used in non-combat situations. It’s sort of like CPR, it’s better to know how to do it and not have to, than need to do it and not know how. Below is a quick rundown on the proper way to do it.

1. Raise the victim to a standing position. This is no easy task if they’re dead to the world. Start by rolling them on their stomach and kneel by their head. Stick your arms under their armpits and around their back. Raise the victim to his feet. Lift with your legs, not with your back.

2. Shift your weight to your right leg and stick it between the victim’s legs. Grab the victim’s right hand with your left, and drape it over your shoulder. With your head under the victim’s right armpit, wrap your arm around the back of his right knee. Squat down and position his body on your shoulders. Try to equally distribute his body weight on each side.

3. Grab the victim’s right hand with your right hand. Your left hand is free to judo chop would-be assailants.

4. Transport your victim.


Keep in mind that’s just a summary. You might want to research a little more on what to do in between those steps. Now check out the video below and see former Army Ranger & USAF Pararescueman Wil Willis do it with minimal effort. And you can too!





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