Carly Was Right: Fetus Brain Tissue Is HARVESTED LIVE

In regards to the video's source:

Breitbart News spoke to the source of the video, the Center for Bioethical Reform, last week. CBR’s Gregg Cunningham said at the time, “This is an absolutely real video of an abortion.” He added, “People always try to claim the images and video are not real.” Cunningham explained that their agreement with abortion clinics strictly prevents them from releasing any information which might lead to the clinic being identified. A press release today states, “Violating these prohibitions could subject CBR to legal liability and jeopardize clinic access for current and future projects. We are even obligated to delete the audio track on all of our videos.”

As for the documentary produced by the Center for Medical Progress, Cunningham explained that he allowed his video to be used by CMP on one condition, that it was clearly labeled so their would be no misunderstanding about what was being shown. Cunningham says he believes CMP’s David Daleiden lived up to that requirement: “I feel that he, in a very intellectually honest way, indicated that this was not part of his undercover work.” He added, “I feel that he’s being held to an unfair standard.”

Breitbart News is providing the full video released by the Center for Bioethical Reform so viewers can verify for themselves that this is the source of the brief clip previously seen in the CMP documentary which led to its being described in the GOP debate. CBR released the clip early Tuesday morning with the title “Carly was right..”

The issue is in the undercover planned parenthood “sting” video, a former Planned Parenthood (PP) employee  Holly O'Donell, is explaining her horror at being asked to assist in brain harvesting.  The video switches to a fetus, on a metal tray, approximately 17 1/2 weeks old, arms moving, legs kicking.  In the corner of the video are the initials “CBR”, which backs up the above mentioned story, in the video, the producer was illustrating what a 17 1/2 fetus looks like.  Obviously, watching the video one deduces this is not “thee” fetus O'Donell is speaking about-how could it be?  She tells of the slicing through the face to get to the brain.

This, is what the activists are saying Carly is lying about-actually this is what they walked back to-first they were relating “she lied, it was fake”.  After they discovered she was right-they said she lied because it is not the fetus spoken of by O'Donell.  What is most disturbing, is when the liberals discovered it was “real” this did not cause pause.  Slicing through a fetus' face did not derail these femme nazis.

What you see below is extremely graphic-warning-extremely graphic.  If you chose to view it please do not have small children or others who it may disturb nearby.  This is the reality of what goes on in America.  This is what your tax dollars fund.  It's time to defund such practices, as all people of goodwill, would agree.



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