“A Career Criminal”, Anonymous’ New Documentary on Hillary Clinton

Hillary’s life of crime has been well documented, though nothing yet has been able to stick in order to ceremoniously give her the orange jumpsuit she so deserves.

Anonymous details her ascent into crime, beginning with Travelgate where the Clintons fired the White House Travel Office in order to give their friends the lucrative role of travel agent.  Hillary played a role in the firings, though she claimed it was due to financial issues within the agency, and under sworn testimony she claimed she was not involved.   This was found to be “factually inaccurate” according to the independent counsel.   The Clinton’s had to reinstate the previous employees and remove their friends.

Next we find Vince Foster who was part of numerous Hillary Clinton scandals.  Strange circumstances surrounding his death in 1993, led to an investigation.  Before the police could get their hands on information, Clinton staffers had boxed up and removed Travelgate, Whitewater and many other incriminating documents.

Bill put his exceptionally unqualified and unelected wife in charge of HillaryCare, the most expensive program in the country.  She kept her task force on National Health Care Reform away from public access and knowledge resulting in a federal judge threatening to hold her in contempt.  Ultimately her behemoth plan was rejected by Democrats and Republicans alike and the medical community.  The result was a massive revolt in Congress, with the Republicans taking control of both houses for the first time in four decades.   The price tag for this HillaryCare hit the taxpayer at $32 million.  Hillary was fined, along with others, $450,000 for dishonesty and the court costs to taxpayers were $750,000.

Whitewater Development was investigated for fraud by Janet Reno, a Clinton real estate venture with the McDougals.  Hillary was the central figure in the investigation and the “probe revealed pervasive conflicts of interest between the Rose Law Firm where Hillary was a partner and its client Madison Guaranty.”  Hillary claimed that billing records had been last, it was “presumed they were stolen from Vince Foster’s office the night before he died.”   After she was acquitted, these documents appeared in the Clinton residence, but the suspicion of obstruction of justice was noteworthy.  Susan McDougal went to prison and was rewarded with a pardon by Bill Clinton, as she was unwilling to testify against the Clintons.  Forty federal crimes were committed by 15 Clinton friends and associates related to Whitewater, though the Clintons walked away scott free.

The Independent Counsel said, “The President’s abundant and calculating lies under oath, obstruction of justice and abuse of power…”  This case cost the taxpayer $145 million.

Cattlegate, Filegate, Climategate, Pardongate, IRS abuses, FALN terrorists (resulting in 138 bombs in NYC, Chicago, and Puerto Rico), Campaign Finance Investigations, Senate rules violations, Madame Secretary’s waste of tax dollars and State Department Scandal and Cover-ups all are detailed in the following video.

It is well worth one’s time to view it all, educating oneself and sharing the criminal history of this would be president.  Let’s trade the pant suits for an orange jumpsuit that is long over due.




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