Canadian Prime Minister Refuses to Bomb ISIS — Even if Canada is Attacked

According to the Israel National News, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will stop bombing ISIS, whether or not Canada is directly attacked by the terrorist organization.

Trudeau argued that the greatest threat to ISIS is a tremendously open and diverse society in which Muslims and other minorities are fully integrated into mainstream secular society, and that compatibility between extraordinary diversity and a successfully safe society is Canada’s greatest strength and that that is what needs to be highlighted.

“We need to ensure that our intelligence community and our police services have the tools necessary to locate threats to Canadians. But anytime you are giving more resources to the intelligence agencies and the police, you need to bring in more oversight on those agencies to make sure that those powers are being properly used and not damaging our free society, and to make sure that they are doing everything they can to me Canadians safe.”

Trudeau said that “Canada is committed to having a military engagement in the fight against ISIL (ISIS) but in a helpful and substantive way. We have made the decision that we will pull out the CF-18’s and ending the bombings that Canada has been involved in, and we will be doing something else.”

Leave it to Trudeau to replace military might with “open and diverse society” — as if P.C. culture will eradicate terrorism. Frighteningly, he probably believes it will.

Source: Israel National News

Photo: CJAD



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