Canada’s Immigration Website Crashes, Social Media Calls for Wall

While many believed this to be empty threat, and it probably was from about eighty percent of people who made it, it looks like some people were serious. The exact number of people applying for immigration is unknown, but Canada’s immigration website was knocked out shortly after Trump’s win was announced. And Canadians are having a field day with it. Many took to social media to joke about a Canadian wall built to keep the liberals that attempt to flee the country.

canada_wall_5 canada_wall_4 canada_wall_3 canada_wall_2 canada_wall



If you remember the night Barack Obama was elected, you’ll see that Conservatives behaved a lot differently. They were a lot more civil. However, all of these millennial snowflakes are so used to getting their way that they’re not exactly sure how to handle themselves. Let them move to Canada, and good riddance to the c-list celebrities who think their presence will be missed.







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