Canada Tells Businesses to Prepare to Merge with China’s Orwellian Social Credit Score

China’s social credit system combines government and business surveillance that gives citizens a “score” based on how well the citizen behaves themselves in accordance to social guidelines set by the CCP. The system tracks your every move and it can greatly restrict individual liberty. Caught jaywalking – you might not be able to take a flight. Play your music too loud on the train — you might be denied to book a hotel room. Buy too many video games – your internet might be slowed down.

The system was partially implemented in 2014 and it was fully constructed at the end of 2020. National Public Credit Information Centre, authorities had already banned people from purchasing flights 17.5 million times by the end of 2018.

The Canadian government has now told businesses that they must prepare to merge with Communist China’s corporate social credit score system. And, looking at the behavior of several major American companies, a similar system may be coming to the U.S. sooner than you think.

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