Canada Enacts Anti-Christian Law That Makes Companies Accomplices

When you abort an operation, a plan, or a mission in the military, it's because the situation on the ground, the air, the sea, or in the mind of the commanding officer or government official has changed.  Aborting a planned assassination of a foreign leader may be initiated because the general in charge has just had a change of heart when he sights a photo of the foreign leader with his eight children gathered around him, including one who is securely cradled in his arms.

Missions are aborted at the government level because events are fluid, with parameters and statistics constantly changing and altering the original dynamics of the situation.

Aborting the buying of a car because your child has just become terminally ill with cancer occurs because (obviously) the funding of the child's care is eminently more important than a huge piece of metal on four wheels.

Life is, after all, the driving force behind every decision we make.  The many thousands of decisions we make, overtly and silently, on a daily basis all surround the efficacy of our lifestyle richness.  A minimalist will look at life's needs in a much different way than someone who is more attached to the material things in life, of course.  Regardless, the thrust of our decisions is always based on a quality of life that we have perceived for ourselves and our loved ones.

Why then are the Progressives so unable to comprehend the folly and universal rejection of death on a mass scale?  Why is the aborting of life treated so differently than the aborting of an idea or concept?  It is against the very nature of human psyche to murder, yet Leftists murder infant children by the millions on this planet each year.

Turn to the next page to read about the newest push by the Canadian government to not only limit births and push an LBGT-friendly law on private sector companies, but to bribe them with funding if they'll LITERALLY sign an agreement to discriminate against Christians!




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