Canada Announces Shocking Plan to Accept Syrian Refugees

As more information comes in about this risky plan, it's being reported that as many as 900 refugees a day are expected to come in from Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, arriving in Toronto and Montreal, where they'll be housed in military bases, hotels and abandoned hospitals.

But sources also say the government will stay away from calling any of these temporary housing locations “camps” — perhaps to stay away from the notion that refugee camps are typically large-scale and temporary, often using tents.

Refugees will not be housed in tents in Canada.

Moreover, once in Canada, officials broadly expect refugees to be “mobile” in about a month's time: While thousands of people may arrive temporarily in one location, they may quickly disperse throughout Canada.

There had been some initial concerns about trying to “contain” refugees to any given location for too long, given that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees mobility rights. Those rights apply to refugees once they arrive in Canada and could open the government up to potential legal problems, if applied.

The price tag of such an ambitious plan over a short timeline is going to be significant.

Sources confirm the dollar figures reported by The Canadian Press on Friday: $876.7 million for this first year alone. A large part of those initial costs come from airlifting thousands of people by Dec. 31.

The total cost of the program is expected to be $1.2 billion over six years.

Seeing how the United Nations is involved in this plan, it's safe to assume that the Obama Administration has some hand in Canada opening their borders, meaning that this agenda of theirs is so important that they're not only willing to risk the lives of American citizens, but also the lives of Canadian citizens. Then there's the naive thinking that by only taking women, children and families, they'll be safe from ISIS. How many terror attacks have been committed by people with families? If history has proven anything, it's that those who practice Islam aren't above using women and children to further their goals.





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