California’s ‘You Must Stay Gay’ Bill

California’s ‘You Must Stay Gay’ Bill

It's become obvious that the bulk of liberal America doesn't give a damn about the people they allege to support and purport to want to help.

They want to disarm everyone including minorities who too often live in dangerous neighborhoods so they are deprived of their right to self-defense. They concoct welfare programs that are designed more to keep people dependent on government handouts the liberals so generously provide than to help them become self-supporting. They support abortion for all, which if you trace its origins and results will discover it has the effect of reducing minority births more than others.

So the left metaphorically throws an anchor to a drowning man. If the truth can even get to even a fraction of these folks, there might be a shortage of rope in this country.

So, the latest move to corrupt our culture should come as no surprise. More on page two.

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