California PA Residents Upset Migrants Allowed to Defecate and Behead Chickens in the Streets

We can all likely find it easy to sympathize with the hardships experienced by refugees and migrants. However, being a good number of our grandparents or great-grandparents also immigrated to this country in a peaceful respectful manner to great success. It is a bit of a challenge to understand why refugees and liberal activists encourage the new country to adapt to their culture, not the other way around.

As is happening both in Europe and right here in California PA,

More than 150 residents packed California borough council's municipal meeting room Thursday evening to voice concerns about the influx of the Romanian refugees.

The Romanians, who said they came to America to escape persecution in their Bucharest-area homes, have been processed through U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and have been released as part of the government’s Alternative to Detention program, which monitors flight from other nations.

Angry residents at Thursday’s meeting said the newcomers throw trash around, park their cars in yards, disobey traffic rules, and are disruptive in markets. Others said that they’ve seen Romanians killing chickens and children defecating in public.

The Alternative to Detention program is a bit tricky to understand. It’s hard to see what would make someone think to allow asylum seekers without proper papers a safe or good practice.

Unlike refugees, who are resettled from other countries, asylum seekers come to a U.S. point of entry and declare their request for asylum based on persecution in their homelands.

The backlog for cases involving those in detention may be four to six months, longer if a case is appealed, Mr. Lamberti said. For those in Alternative to Detention programs, he said, the wait is longer, with some getting court dates for 2019.

In 2014, the closest year that data is available from – only 14 people from the entire country of Romania were granted asylum. So, it seems highly unlikely that these people are ever going to eventually reach migrant status or what exactly is all going on with this program.

Is it humane to let people in the country for indefinite periods of time without citizenship? How does that make sense, Dreamers?

This situation is further complicated by the fact that regardless of what the true intention is of this program, they don’t have to assimilate.

And it’s not just liberal activist either who are pushing for refugees, migrants and asylum seekers not to assimilate into American society.

Former President Obama pushed for this diabolical mess guaranteed to lead to social breakdown and race riots. There has to be agenda here behind these apparent attempts to take away the rights and freedoms of citizens.

What’s unfolding right now in Germany offers many a stunning glimpse into what’s in store for us here in the U.S.

Germany is offering assimilation classes now. And you’d be forgiven for thinking these assimilation classes would be for the refugees, migrants, or asylum seekers. But, nope. They are for the citizens to help them assimilate with the newcomers!

There is a reason the U.S. used to be known as a melting pot, not a salad bowl. Immigrants used to come into this country grateful for the opportunity to have a better life and determined to do their part.

A salad bowl doesn’t work if your tomatoes and cucumbers are both laced with volatile toxic opposing radical ideologies. Why are the political chefs tossing all of this onto the lettuce, the mainstay, focal point, or foundation of the entire salad?!

As some of the California PA residents are saying in connection to the assimilation problem unfolding in there town,

One lifelong California resident, Geno Tarquinio, said his ancestors immigrated from Italy but they honored the local ways.

“I support refugees,” he added. “It’s just, respect the people who live here.”

Unlike what liberal fake news outlets might be spewing 24/7 – this is where a lot of U.S. citizens are at when it comes to immigration.

It's not hating refugees or being immune to the state of their plight. We just don't want people coming into our countries and attacking or disturbing our way of life and refusing to learn a little respect for Western civility – which is the problem.

Because as one prominent liberal Muslim politician puts it, London Mayor Sadiq Khan,

“People shouldn’t have to drop their cultures and traditions when they arrive in our cities and countries”.

And the solution once again is citizens being forced to adopt the practices of the incoming cultures, in other words Islam and Sharia law.

We need rules, institutions, and support to enable people to integrate into cohesive communities and for the avoidance of doubt, I don’t mean assimilation,

Does anyone feel comforted?

Source: Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Image: Stephanie Strasburg/Post-Gazette



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