California on High Alert for Volcanic Eruptions and Earthquakes

Ring of Fire

Experts are warning that California could very well be the next region to experience either an earthquake or a volcanic eruption after the recent Kilauea volcano explosion in Hawaii and 5.2 earthquake in the Philippines that have shaken up the Ring of Fire.

According to The Express UK, the Pacific Ring of Fire volcanoes are more explosive than the ones located in the island state of Hawaii. With Hawaii experiencing widespread devastation at the hands of the Kilauea volcanogeologists are now warning that California could be the next in line for an explosive eruption.

California, which sits on the volatile Pacific Ring of Fire, and is well overdue for a massive and devastating earthquake. The state is also now on volcano alert.  Scientists are warning that a volcanic eruption in the state is “due” according to their predictions.

The California Volcano Observatory (CVO) revealed that seven of the state’s 19 volcanoes are at high threat, with a three of those at “very high” risk of imminent eruption.  According to the CVO, these California volcanoes are more dangerous than Hawaiian volcanoes because they are blast volcanoes, which are more destructive.  “What we would expect here, would be more like Mt. Saint Helens. More of an explosive eruption,” said Tim McCrink with the California Geological Survey. “So that puts a lot of rock and dust and gasses in the air.”

Geologist Montgomery Brown said there’s a 25 percent chance another could blow within the next 30 years. According to Brown, that is “the same probability as a major San Andreas fault earthquake.” But some say the Hayward Bay fault line, which runs directly through the heavily populated San Francisco Bay Area in California could be even more dangerous than the San Andres. 

The “very high” threat volcanoes in California referred to in the above article include Lassen Volcanic Center, Long Valley Caldera, and Mount Shasta.

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