California Issues Travel Bans to Four More States

California Issues Travel Bans to Four More States

The name California literally translates from the Spanish meaning “hot land.”  There are, of course, many lands on the Earth that are hot; in fact, many are much hotter than California.  In thinking about all the various issues upon which the California Liberals stand, I've recently come to the conclusion that there is one “hot land” that probably denotes the literal meaning of our current state of California and while it's not very sunny, there's a guy that runs the place who, like many Leftist Californians, believes that anything goes and being bad feels real good.

I'm talking about Hell and although Progressives might not necessarily view California as the Pit, the Abyss where Satan chooses to torture people for eternity, there are certainly a lot of other Americans who do.  California legislators like to look at themselves as “forward-thinking,” as “free-thinking,” or as “open-minded.”  Of course, the only problem with that assessment is that their forward-thinking only refers to how long it'll be before all illegals can vote, their free-thinking is only as long as you're a f**king a**hole White Conservative or Republican, and their open-mindedness refers to all things that are considered to be in bad taste, perverted, demented, incestuous, or otherworldly.

If you happen to fall into any of those categories and you're just “dandy” with it, you may wish to stop reading HERE.

The best thing that could happen to the United States right now would be to allow California to actually secede from the nation and, instead, invest in Puerto Rico as the 50th State.  That way, we a) don't have to bail out California when it finally caves in on itself under its avalanche of debt, b) don't have to listen to any more of their inane pseudo-sciences, c) don't have to pay for anymore of the students at Berkeley or UCLA, d) lose Maxine Waters, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown and all of Hollywood in one fell swoop, and e) won't have to even change the American flag (they'll still be 50 states!)

California has once again proven its stupidity by attempting to look intelligent and far superior to us mere mortals in the rest of the country by expanding its state employee travel ban to another three states.  Read the following page to find out what other states have been banned and why…

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