California Establishes Gun Confiscation Force

The gun control lobbies and organizations engage in some of the most backward and dangerous thinking and advocacy in American politics. Their plans won't work for a number of reasons. The dangers to the Amercian public that they present are profound. In purporting to make Americans safer, their initiatives would do the opposite.

The foundational idea on which the gun-control left builds their policies is that guns are dangerous in the hands of private citizens. The solution then is obvious: Remove those firearms from private citizens. The thinking is that this will reduce gun violence,

Never mind the fact that disarming the American public is utterly unworkable. There are far too many firearms in circulation. Private citizens will demand their Second Amendment rights, and will simply ignore laws that conflict with it. And the very people who we do not want to have guns, violent criminals, are the ones most likely to break any laws to acquire firearms.

California, being a hotbed of liberal thinking and misgovernment, is ready to start a gun confiscation dragnet. More on this dangerous and unconstitutional initiative on page two.




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