California Dems Pass Resolution Demanding Trump Apologize for Presidency

California Dems Pass Resolution Demanding Trump Apologize for Presidency

The California legislature passed a resolution last week demanding the President apologize for violating their code of ethics. In other words, for not being a Deep State operative. Below is the letter written in response to the idiocracy spewing out of the California state government. Because, seriously, they had nothing better to do with their time all summer then demand an apology from President Trump for being their president?!

CA State Senate and Assembly

September 19th, 2017

Dear “Leaders of the Resistance”

On the unsolicited behalf of the President, I am writing to respond to the recent passing of your resolution that “requires” the President to formally apologize for living in the White House and beating Hillary Clinton.

Despite the firm assurance that taxpayers are actually paying you to see to the needs of your districts, I must commend your ability to focus on what really matters to the Democratic Party.

Your signature accomplishment this session that I am referencing in this letter, the large string of bills and resolutions passed by your Democratic-controlled legislature, is as mind-blowing as Maxine Waters signature weave (that she did NOT steal from James Brown).

Everybody can hate their president. But, it takes real “leaders of the resistance” such as yourself to “symbolically” stand-up to the President and demand the President say sorry for hurting your feelings.

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