California County Joins ‘Sanctuary-State’ Revolt

California County Joins ‘Sanctuary-State’ Revolt

California Gov. Jerry Brown has called those opposing his sanctuary state policies “low-life politicians,” arguing that they are only trying to exploit the illegal immigration issue.

“The Republican Party has this little narrow group of—people that think that somehow they’re going to get elected” on the issue, Brown said during remarks at the National Press Club on Tuesday.

Yet another ludicrous remark from Moonbeam. “Anyone who doesn’t support my unconstitutional sanctuary policies is a low-life. How dare they represent their constituent’s demand for law and order!” That’s the sugar-free version of Brown’s kool-aide.

Well, Brown is having trouble spiking the punch bowl as many cities and counties are now siding with President Trump in an all-out revolt against Brown’s lawlessness.

One California county has joined at least a dozen other municipalities in support of President Trump and our Consitution. Turn over to the next page:

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