CAIR: Trump’s Immigration Ban is Equivalent to Slavery

CAIR: Trump’s Immigration Ban is Equivalent to Slavery

CAIR is once again proving that they’re nothing but a farce — as if they needed any help.

The Council on American and Islamic Relations doesn’t exactly have a sterling reputation. The organization is categorized as a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates and isn’t faring much better in the United States. Domestically, the group has been linked to HAMAS and several other terrorist organizations.

Despite all of this, the left seem to have a soft spot for the organization. But that relationship may be put to the test this week.

In response to Donald Trump’s latest executive order on immigration, CAIR did the one thing that enrages the left more than anything else. They compared it to slavery.

See¬†how they compared Trump’s plan to American slavery on the next page:

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