CAIR: The Shooters in San Bernadino Died For Justice

CAIR: The Shooters in San Bernadino Died For Justice

After Wednesday’s attack at a social services facility in San Bernadino, CA, which left fourteen dead and twenty-one wounded, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) wasted no time in holding a press conference in California to defend Islam.

That’s like saying that sharks aren’t violent after they’ve snacked on a few dozen beach goers. The speaker, Muzammil Siddiqi, the head of the Islamic Society of Orange County mosque in Garden Grove, CA, urged people not to implicate Islam or Muslims because their faith is against that kind of behavior.

Well, he’s possibly┬álying or else he clearly hasn’t read the Quran. Something tells me it’s the first of those two options. Siddiqi’s past comments answer that question clearly. His history of praising suicide bombers and sponsoring of suspected al Qaeda operatives and all around support for jihad and those who carry it out show exactly what side of the debate he stands on.

How dare he tell people not to blame the extreme elements of Islam or Muslims for this attack when that’s the root cause! How extreme is the entire religion?

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