CAIR Pedophile Headed to Prison

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a blight on our society.  Allied with terrorist groups such as Hamas, its purpose is not one to promote harmonious relationships between western society and Islam.  Well, not unless CAIR were to achieve this harmony  by persuading or forcing those in western societies to abandon their culture in favor of a Muslim one.

CAIR also has more than its share of criminal deviants within its ranks, some with some very serious sexual problems.  Here's one.

It took well over a year, but the verdict is finally in. Ahmad Saleem, the former head of the Orlando, Florida office for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is headed to prison.

On the night of May 20, 2015, Ahmad Abrar Saleem was arrested in Clermont, Florida, a short distance from his Orlando home. He was charged with “use of computer to seduce/solicit/entice a child to commit sex act” and “travel to seduce, solicit, lure a child to commit sex act.”

Saleem was intending to meet the twelve-year-old girl he had been chatting with online, but instead, Saleem met Sheriff’s deputies waiting for him and 21 others in a child sex sting operation. He was detained at 9:35 pm and booked at one-in-the-morning.

That is just the sort of thing that is painful to write about.  Although it's obviously far more painful for the victim.

What makes matters worse are directives from Imams instructing that seven-year old daughters be covered up since they can look “sexy” to their Muslim fathers.  Yet another statement that is so outrageous, that it's painful to comment on.  If that's true, the Islamic faith has a lot to atone for by not condemning such perverted thoughts by its male adherents.  The young person is certainly not to blame.

What do we know about CAIR, the organization that spawned Mr. Saleem?

CAIR is widely known as a group that has deep ties to the terrorist organization Hamas. The former head of Hamas and current spokesman for Hamas, Mousa Abu Marzook, had a hand in CAIR’s founding in 1994; CAIR has been named by the United States government as a party to Hamas financing; and different officials from CAIR, who have had involvement with Hamas (as well as other terror groups), have been convicted in and/or deported from the US.

But none of this is of any practical use to Ahmad Saleem now. If he wishes to defend violence or terror or curse Israel or Jews, he will have to do so from behind bars. On December 1, 2016, a judge found Saleem guilty of “Child Abuse.” He was sentenced to two years in a state prison.

At the end of the two years, Saleem will be responsible for $36,500 in incarceration costs and another $1000 in fines and fees.

Following his stay, he may have an issue finding a job as a ‘sexual offender.’ He probably will not be able to rely on his parents, as both their jobs deal with youth, his father being a pediatrician and his mother being a school teacher. And it is doubtful his Psychology degree from UCF will help, except to demonstrate that he was more suited as a patient than a student.

Also, his job at the Orlando office of CAIR has been taken up by Rasha Mubarak, a past organizer of anti-Semitic, anti-Israel demonstrations. For CAIR to bring back a convicted pedophile would certainly be viewed as a lot worse than the fact that they hired him in the first place.

However, Ahmad Saleem’s predicament did and does hurt CAIR. While some people are willing to overlook CAIR’s association with international terrorism and even defend it, no one wishes to be associated with the stigma of sexual predation and deviancy.

There is a line between the freedoms of speech and to protest on the one hand, and criminal conspiracy which is obviously not protected on the other.  CAIR has so regularly stepped over this line that it has become part of the “swamp” that needs draining.

Source:  Front Page Mag



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