CAIR Director to Muslims: Defy Customs, Respond to Questions by Saying “None of your Damn Business!”

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has called on Muslims to openly defy U.S. Customs Agents when questioned on travel from Islamic controlled countries by saying, “None of your Damn Business.”

Hassan Shibly (Executive Director CAIR, Florida) also encourages Muslims to agitate Customs Agents by saying Islamic prayers “very loudly” when questioned. Shibly also stated that he was, “asked to do this by our friends from within the government.” Hassan Shibly was awarded by Nihad Awad (CAIR co-founder and National Executive Director) as “CAIR Chapter of the Year” in 2013.

CAIR’s open defiance of law enforcement has been well documented. In 2011 CAIR, California posted flyers on their website featuring a sinister looking FBI agent with the headlines, “Build a Wall of Resistance,” and “Don’t Talk to the FBI.”


The FBI has reportedly cut ties to CAIR after the Holy Land Foundation trial during which CAIR was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator along with its co-founder Omar Achmad as supporters of the terrorist group HAMAS.

In November 2014 the United Arab Emirates specifically listed CAIR as a “terrorist organization,” saying the group is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, promotes extremism and incites and finances terrorism, adding that it wears “a cloak of democracy and liberalism.”

CAIR is not a benevolent interest group trying to help fellow Muslims find a location in which to assimilate, these are jihadis who want to come into an area, gather strength, and then to impose their will and religion on the unsuspecting masses. Whether Barack Obama knows their ultimate end game or not, it is simply cultural suicide to open our country up to such aggressive and devious groups, and the president certainly does know that.

He has never made an acceptable explanation of his religious background or training, and the attitude of CAIR is not one that will be of benefit to this country or her people. As such, it really raises the question of Obama's intent in this ill-conceived plan to flood America with immigrants who refuse to cooperate with the FBI when there is a question of Islamic terrorism within our own borders. And it certainly one wonder who in the U.S. government encouraged Hassan Shibley to come and agitate and confront our local law enforcement. Perhaps in a few decades we will finally know the truth.




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