CAIR Calls on Black Lives Matter to Join Forces

CAIR Calls on Black Lives Matter to Join Forces

Get ready, America. If CAIR and their associated organizations haven’t already gained far too much mainstream visibility, now they’re trying to join forces with the media’s other darling, Black Lives Matter.

Their ultimate goal?

To stage a revolution — not just in America — but around the world.

They’ve no doubt already begun this so-called revolution, but their combined size and influence through our mindless media will no doubt bring them to heights not yet seen before, and far too great for an organization of thugs and extremists.

This, in combination with the “largest civil disobedience” protests the country has ever seen, promised by George Soros’ anti-Trump activists, may very well be a perfect storm situation, and all these leftist organizations need in order to silence both conservative politics and religious liberty.

If they succeed, the past few months’ worth of violent protests may be just the begining of something much, much more serious. See their plans on the next page:

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