CAIR, ACLU File Suit Against ‘Muslim Free’ Gun Range on Behalf of Man Refused Service

CAIR, ACLU File Suit Against ‘Muslim Free’ Gun Range on Behalf of Man Refused Service

The United States is a wonderful country, with freedoms and rights unimaginable in most of the rest of the world. Our free enterprise system also allows anyone to start a business and run it as they see fit, though the government is becoming more and more intrusive in dictating various requirements and policies. But for the most part, a business owners main objective is to provide excellent service and to meet the needs and wants of customers, and to keep them happy. Occasionally, however, a customer is too demanding or unreasonable, and the business owner must take action in order to ensure that the one customer does not disrupt his business to the detriment of all the other customers.

In Oklahoma City, a U.S. Army reservist from Tulsa went to the Save Yourself Survival and Tactical Gun Range in the small town of Oktaha. Raja’ee Fatihah, is a board member with the Muslim advocacy group Council on American-Islamic Relations Oklahoma chapter (CAIR). He identified himself as a Muslim, and had gone to the range because of a sign posted on the business declaring the range a “Muslim-free” establishment, similar to signs that have been placed at businesses in Florida, Arkansas, Kentucky and New York.

Fatihah undoubtedly was more interested in confronting the owners about their sign than he was about using the range. Chad Neal, the owner of the Oklahoma gun range, is no doubt anxious to run a successful business and to keep his customers happy. There are many Americans who are very concerned about potential Islamic terrorist activities, especially following the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, where scores of innocent, unsuspecting people were murdered by Muslim extremists.

Muslim groups have also threatened people across the world that they will seek out opportunities to commit more atrocities against civilians. So Chad Neal, like any responsible business owner, is concerned about the health, welfare, and security of his customers, something that is top priority in a business where people are handling firearms. And that is why he posted the sign. But Fatihah was unhappy and looking for a conflict.

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