CA to Introduce Legislation Presupposing Every Homeschooling Parent is a…

Many government officials and legal scholars are pushing the idea that parents shouldn’t have the final say in how they raise their children.

Just this year Professor James G. Dwyer created a legal argument claiming the ‘State Should Take Over the Legal Parental Role of Children’.

Professor Dwyer teaches at the oldest law school in America, the College of William and Mary, and considered by the Left to an unparalleled legal expert on the issue of children’s rights. It is his belief that parents don’t have final authority over their children.

Not only does this fly right in the face of God-given parental rights and duties, but also that of the Constitution.

But this is exactly what the Left is gearing up to do in predominantly liberal states such as California.  According to the latest batch of Democrat politicians citing their supposed “legal experts”, parents choosing to keep their children away from the brainwashing influence of American public schools, must prove before the State they’re capable of raising their own children.

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